Finding hope in difficult situations

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Stress, Including PTSD

Stress is part of life, however when the demands being made of you overwhelm the resources you have, this becomes dis-stress and is damaging in both the short and long term.

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Abuse occurs whenever a person uses their power to hurt, control or disadvantage others. This can take many forms – non-consensual sexual activity; extreme ritualised behaviour; neglect; domestic violence; bullying; and ‘gaslighting’ to name a few.

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Depression is a wide diagnosis which may include an emotional state marked by feelings of poor self worth, low energy, a reduced ability to enjoy life, and difficulty in forming emotional bonds. It may also be characterised by extreme sadness, anger, or anxiety.

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Phobias are extreme fear states which often seem to be irrational and unrelated to anything that you remember happening. Regardless of the origins, the fear is real and can create significant difficulties for you. Emotional Freedom Techniques can have a profound impact on phobias, and can sometimes clear a phobia completely in just one session.

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